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B. Delalat, C. Cozzi, S. R. Ghaemi, G. Polito, F. H. Kriel, T. D. Michl, F. J. Harding, C. Priest, G. Barillaro, and N. H. Voelcker, Microengineered Bioartificial Liver Chip for Drug Toxicity Screening, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018
Microfluidic 3D cell culture is a promising technology for the screening of drug toxicity profiles. In this study, a bioartificial liver consisting of a surfaceengineered microfluidic silicon chip with microtrenches mimicking hepatic sinusoids is shown...
Cozzi C., Polito G., Kolasinski K. W. and Barillaro G. (2017, 5). Controlled Fabrication of High-Aspect-Ratio Microstructures in Silicon at Etching Rates Beyond State-of-the-Art Microstructuring Technologies. ECS Transaction, 77, 199-205.
Abstract: The controlled electrochemical etching at room temperature of deep (up to 200 μm) silicon microstructures with aspect ratio ranging from 5 to 100 and etching rates from 10 to 3 μm/min, respectively, is here reported and discussed. This allows...
Polito G., Cozzi C. and Barillaro G. (2017, 5). Controlling the Electrochemical Etching of Pores with High Aspect Ratio at the Submicrometer Scale In Silicon. ECS Transaction, 77, 259-265.
Abstract: The controlled electrochemical etching at high anodic voltage (up to 35 V) of two-dimensional arrays of ordered pores with sub-micrometric diameter (down to 800 nm) at high depths (up to 40 µm) and high density (spacing 1.8 µm), yielding a...
Polito G, Robbiano V, Cozzi C, [...] Barillaro, G. Template Assisted Preparation of Micrometric Suspended Membrane Lattices of Photoluminescent and Non-Photoluminescent Polymers by Capillarity-Driven Solvent Evaporation:Application to Microtagging.
Scientific Report, 7, 8351, 2017 Abstract:  In this work, the bottom-up template-assisted preparation of high-density lattices (up to 11 · 10  6  membranes/cm  2 ) of suspended polymer membranes with micrometric size (in the order of few μm  2 ) and...
Harding F.J., Surdo S., Delalat B., Cozzi C., [...] Voelcker, N.H., Barillaro, G. Ordered Silicon Pillar Arrays Prepared by Electrochemical Micromachining: Substrates for High-Efficiency Cell Transfection. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8, 29197
Abstract Ordered arrays of silicon nano- to microscale pillars are used to enable biomolecular trafficking into primary human cells, consistently demonstrating high transfection efficiency can be achieved with broader and taller pillars than reported...
Cozzi C., Polito G., Kolasinski K.W., Barillaro G. Controlled Microfabrication of High Aspect Ratio Structures in Silicon at the Highest Etching Rates: The Role of H2O2 in the Anodic Dissolution of Silicon in Acidic Electrolytes.
Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 27, 1604310 Abstract In this work the authors report on the controlled electrochemical etching of high-aspect-ratio (from 5 to 100) structures in silicon at the highest etching rates (from 3 to 10 μm min1) at room...
Cozzi C., Polito G., Strambini L. M., Barillaro, G. Electrochemical Preparation of In-Silicon Hierarchical Networks of Regular Out-Of-Plane Macropores Interconnected by Secondary In-Plane Pores Through Controlled Inhibition of Breakdown Effects.
Electrochimica Acta 187 (2016) 552–559 Abstract  In-silicon hierarchical networks of ordered out-of-plane macropores interconnected by high-density secondary in-plane pores are prepared by controlled electrochemical etching of n-type silicon in HF:H2O2...

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